6 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Pregnancy Workout At Home

Pregnancy Workout At Home


Pregnancy workout at Home

Pregnancy brings a good deal of modifications within the body be it physical or mental. In this phase, it is important to allow the body to keep moving and working out. It helps the body overcome pain, anxiety, and depression which are likely to be experienced during this period. Although, extra care should be taken while working out to make sure your body doesn’t dehydrate or exhaust.

Pregnancy Workout At Home

Working out at home during pregnancy is not just beneficial but also convenient as the woman can manage her schedule according to her needs and preference. Yoga is quite advantageous during pregnancy, not just it allows movement of the body, but also helps the mother reduce anxiety and relax, and most importantly it can be easily performed at home. Physical and mental peace is very significant for a pregnant woman and helps her meet a

number of body requirements even after birth. A yoga instructor can also be hired in order to facilitate the activity. Apart from yoga, dance and aerobics have also been proved to be beneficial. Although, it is advisable to do exercises the body is comfortable in, and avoid any such strenuous exercises that might overheat the body.

Pregnancy workout at Gym

One might always have a thought that hitting the gym when pregnant be a good idea or not. Honestly, the gym can be the perfect place to be during pregnancy as it provides a suitable environment for a workout. You can also choose a pregnancy workout at home.

Planks are one of the safest exercises that can be done during pregnancy for the strengthening of muscles, and also help in relieving back pain that comes with pregnancy. They also help the woman to maintain a proper shape during the course of pregnancy. Another benefit of doing planks is that it regulates the blood pressure of the women.

Pregnancy Workout At Home

Cardiovascular training is another exercise that can be performed in the gym during pregnancy as it maintains the lung capacity of the woman and helps in controlling weight. A healthy heart is extremely important to be maintained during pregnancy, both for the mother and the baby. Thus, cardiovascular training is highly recommended for women during pregnancy.

Other than these, it has been found that the use of bicycles and treadmills in the gym, during pregnancy can be quite beneficial for the bod, as well as these activities are completely safe.

Pregnancy workout for legs

Leg workout in the list of pregnancy workout at home might seem complicated but is actually very safe and beneficial to do during pregnancy. However, certain laborious exercises should definitely be avoided, and it is always a good option to consult a doctor before practicing any such activities to ensure whether the body is prepared for it or not.

Any exercise that includes jumping or lying flat on the back should necessarily be prohibited as they might lead to complications and increased stress on the placenta and uterus. Squats can be done during pregnancy and help in toning down the muscles of legs and thighs.

Pregnancy Workout At Home

Another exercise that can be done safely during pregnancy is reverse lunges. It is a single-leg exercise wherein you step back while squatting. It is recommended to use a chair for both these exercises in the beginning to maintain a proper balance. Leg exercises are great during pregnancy as they allow proper circulation of blood throughout the body.

Pregnancy workout during First Trimester

There aren’t any significant body changes that you might notice in the first trimester, although you need to be prepared to experience changes in your body during the later stages of pregnancy.

Your body should be ready to carry the increased weight which would arise as the pregnancy progresses, thus it becomes important to practice regular exercise from the onset of pregnancy to allow moderate movement and strengthening of body muscles.

Walking, running, and swimming are some of the basic exercises that can be performed regularly during the first trimester even without any professional guidance. You can also resort to Pilates and yoga, but definitely avoid postures that include twisting the abdomen much, lying flat on the back or headstands. Yoga postures such as ‘Tadasana’ or the mountain pose, ‘Uttanasana’ or standing forward bend, and ‘Shavasana’ or corpse pose has been proved to give positive results during pregnancy.

 Pregnancy workout during Second Trimester

During the second trimester, your body would undergo several physical transformations, therefore, while doing any exercise it is important to listen to your body and not overstrain it. To improve muscle strength, exercising on a stationary bike can be a good way if it does not make you uncomfortable. Swimming is also a great option to enhance muscle strength without putting excessive strain on the abdomen.


Other workouts that can be done during the second trimester include squats, forward pull-ups, forward lunges, shoulder press. These exercises are completely safe and should be done approximately three times a week. But before trying any of these, you must take your doctor’s consultation to make sure your current condition allows that.

Pregnancy workout during Third Trimester

Being the last stage of pregnancy, the third trimester includes a lot of physical changes in the body therefore, certain precautions should be taken while working out. You might be experiencing an abundance of behavioral changes as well as discomfort, and working out can help in relieving you from all such problems. Walking and swimming are the simplest and safest forms of workout that can be done during the third trimester.

Apart from allowing body movement, these exercises help in reducing the risk of gestational diabetes, a disease that occurs during pregnancy, and also helps in maintaining body weight after pregnancy. Pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels can also be significant during this period, as the pelvic floor muscles tend to weaken due to the growth of the baby.

Heavy weightlifting should definitely be avoided during the third trimester as it might lead to several complications due to overstraining of the body. This is a critical phase of pregnancy, therefore, extra care should be taken while working out and any such activity that your body does not allow, should not be tried.

Above mentioned Tips will Help You Get Better At Pregnancy Workout At Home.

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