A newborn baby left to die in the drains

A small little baby was found by her rescuer Charmaine Keeby, 63, in a drain while she was out taking her dog for a walk. Georgie, her sausage dog began barking near a duct which got the catering company boss’s attention. She thought maybe her dog found a stranded cat. 

But, when she looked inside the duct, she saw a tiny baby lying almost still in a red ants pit. Charmaine didn’t waste time and flagged a passing motorist, Cornie Viljoen, 60, to stop and help. Cornie used a steel bar he had in his car to move a concrete slab that was covering the drain. 

Cornie Viljoen

The incident took place in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where Cornie bravely went inside the drain six feet below inside a red ants nest to rescue the baby. He said it’s lucky the ants were higher up the drain and not below where the baby was. He’s baffled as to how anyone could do such a thing with a tiny baby like this. And, is happy he could save the baby. 

Charmaine called the paramedics who examined the baby before sending her to Dora Nginaz Hospital. According to the workers, the baby named Grace April- by the staff, was abandoned by her parents and was near to hypothermia. Being dubbed the “miracle baby,”  is on a full recovery track.

Sipra Chander (Hwwviral Staff)

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