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Our Mission 

To deliver viral stories in less than 100 words as we are aware of the hectic life the current generation is living with very little time to read long articles. The articles are informative and provide the readers full insight on the topic. Our writers always keep you updated on the latest developments and news possible. Once a post is published we cover the post by updating on regular updates available on the matter. 


Our Vision 

To update people about bold endeavors and big issues that matter. To amplify ideas that not only update you, but give you a better prospect of life. To work deeply and execute initiatives that  align and active a purpose. To provide an ultimate destination for all your latest news and viral posts in one place. 


Our Team

Our dynamic team insists of many members who are specialized in delivering viral stories and posts.  Our members work hard in understanding your problems so they are able to provide you with solutions that break through the noise. 

Our team works hard in a smart way.  They pay attention to every little detail ensuring you get a full article in 100 words post. They always aim to deliver content that’s better than what they already deliver. 

Our team is a group that has embarked on a journey where we explore and are finding ourselves enabling us to deliver stories that matter to you. They aim in covering what’s meaning,  important and matters to the digital generation through a mix of our posts. 


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