Air India special flight expected to arrive on Saturday around 2

The special Air India flight 747 has arrived in Delhi from Mumbai and shall leave for Wuhan, China, and land around 12.50 pm Friday and bring back the Indians from the epicentre of the deadly Coronavirus out-break. 

“Agra” (Jumbo Jet VT-ESP) took off from the Mumbai airport around 9.01 am for Delhi. Five doctors appointed on behalf of the health ministry shall board the plane with all required medications for the evacuees along with 4 pilots, 15 cabin crew, five commercial staff, three engineers, one dispatch official and two security-men. In all 33 Al staffers shall be on board. 

Captain Amitabh Singh shall supervise the special flight. AAccording to AL chairman Ashwani Lohani, all of them shall wear protective suits on arrival in Wuhan before the aircraft door opens. AL chairman Ashwani Lohani met with the team on board the flight and had a talk with them before their departure for Wuhan, China. 

Sipra Chander (Hwwviral Staff)

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