Avatar 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, is all out!

For now Avengers Endgame might be breaking the world record of Avatar but, Avatar is coming back to take its records back. James Cameron’s confidence is clearly visible as he calls it ‘our record’ being broken means people still love watching movies in the theater. This means we stand full chances of taking the crown back. 

Release Date: Avatar is going to run till 2027 as Avatar shall go up till Avatar 5. But, for now, let’s look at Avatar 2. Avatar 2’s expected release date is December 17, 2021, yes! That’s next year instead of December 2020 as expected. And, so shall each Avatar movie till Avatar 5 be released till December 17, 2027. Those of you who might not know, but the wait for Avatar 2 has been on since 2014. 

Cast: All members from the first movie are back, thanks for that! Yes, some new characters and actors of course are added. Like Fear the Walking Dead’s, Cliff Curtis and from Game of Thrones Oona Chaplin. 

Oh! Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang shall be back from the dead. How? Have to watch to know. 

Plot: Luckily the movie is going to be a stand-alone so, even if you didn’t watch the first part, you will still enjoy the second part. And, so goes for the next three installments of the movie. As for the story, this time Sully, now chieftain and Neytiri, the high head, shall be looking out for their kids. And, they shall also go beyond Pandora and take us on a new adventure into volcanoes and underwater world. 

Yes, we are all excited and eagerly awaiting the release and hope the second part does way better than the first part!

Sipra Chander (Hwwviral Staff)

Written by Sipra Chander (Hwwviral Staff)

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