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pregnancy workouts for legs


Lower body strength is very significant in pregnant women. As the body gets bigger and the belly grows, there are a lot of things that need to be supported by the lower body. The lower body needs to be strong enough that it bears the complete bodyweight. This could only be achieved while the legs are specially considered while working out sessions. There are different types of exercises that can be done to help the legs become stronger than before. But before getting into any type of exercise, consult your doctor and seek their proper advice. Ladies suffering from inherent diseases should try to avoid any type of exercise unless encouraged by the doctor to do so.  Find out more about pregnancy workouts for legs.

pregnancy workouts for legs

Leg Exercises that should be avoided

Legs are vulnerable and they should not be subjected to any type of exercise. Not all pregnancy workouts for legs are suitable for pregnant ladies and they shouldn’t do anything they prefer to have a better leg structure and strength. Exercises that require the body to be laid flat on the backs should be completely avoided. The uterus during pregnancy has the ability to compress major blood vessels that circulate to and fro the heart. While one lays on the back, this could be excavated causing severe problems. Balancing exercises should be avoided as well. They create pressure in the belly area and can lead to problems as the chances of getting the belly hurt is high. You can also try some pregnancy workouts at gym.

Jumps should be kept for later, not during the pregnancy months. Jumping or burpees also can put pressure on the uterus leading to complications that are not invited at all.

pregnancy workouts for legs

Leg Exercises

  • Squatting is one of the best workouts. Keeping your feet flat on the ground and making slow yet steady awaits would help the thighs get better. A chair can be always used to take its support and not lose balance while exercising. Squat to reverse lunges would also be very beneficial.
  • Kickbacks are also a good regime to follow. Keep your palms under your shoulder and knees below your hips. Alternatively, extend your legs and then return to the starting position. Do this at least 10 to 15 reps. This would improve the range of movements and relax the muscle of any sort of leg pain. This is one of the major set in Pregnancy workouts for legs.
  • Next are the surrenders. Stand in a kneeling position on the mat that is folded. Then in your favored pace, bring your feet in front of you and stand on your legs. Now, again kneel down. Repeat this to some 10 to 15 reps. Along with the legs, the abdominal area also gets better at this. This is quite a good exercise to follow each day.
  • Walking and jogging are the best type of exercise for strengthening your legs. Take it to the treadmill or other ways of running or walking with your preferred pace.
  • Doing some kinds of Yoga Asanas also makes the legs flexible and strong enough to stand the weight of the upper body. Yoga not only gives the legs strength but keeps the mental health stable as well. It is refreshing and should be done regularly to keep the well being of the child’s mental health.

    pregnancy workouts for legs

Benefits of exercise

Exercising regularly is vital for a pregnant woman. Asking doctors about the types of exercise that are to be done is a valid option. Otherwise one can always join the yoga classes which are particularly opened for the couples stepping towards parenthood. Pregnancy workout at home or at the gym, every kind of exercise has a benefit to it. They reduce pregnancy complications and help the overall growth of the child as well. Pregnancy workouts for first trimester are focused on mostly adapting to the changing of the body and providing some comfort. Exercises help the baby to have a fitter heart and a good BMI score. This would balance the whole body of the infant.

What More To Do?

A woman going through child-bearing should never cancel out or forget her prenatal schedules. These help in identifying and treating the risks before cropping up. They also keep tracking the growth of the baby inside the womb through ultrasound scans and keep a record of it. During pregnancy, women should avoid unhealthy food, sticking to a nourishing and balanced diet. This will not only help in the proper development of the fetus but will also impart strength to both, mother and the child. Her meal should include fruits, green vegetables, food-items containing fibers, proteins, and calcium.

Stress has always been the biggest enemy of a sound body. Taking stress during gravidity is a big ‘NO’. Although getting pregnant at and over the age of 35 is a bit risky a woman can enjoy her pregnancy only if she is physically, emotionally, and mentally fit. Taking proper and timely supplements is of great significance from the very start and till the very end. A pregnant woman should not consume any medicine without consulting her gynecologist as it would result in serious problems. Her supplements must contain notable quantities of folic acid, zinc, and serotonin as they are beneficial for the baby. During the fertilization process, a woman must give up her habit of drinking and smoking. Even occasional liquoring can have severe consequences such as miscarriage. It is advisable to put a big ban on alcohol and smoking especially during the early stages of child-bearing.


Pregnancy workout second trimester and pregnancy workouts third trimester should be done with a lot of care, as the development is huge in this stage and the body is delicate as well. Leg workouts should be carefully done so that there is no complexity development due to exercising regularly. Along with having a good workout session, the diet should also be developed according to the needs of the lady. Sufficient intake of food should be accompanied with enough rest. The mother should always listen to the body and should stop when the body is tired. Seeking medical advice should not be neglected at any cost.

Above mentioned tips are the best pregnancy workouts for Legs.

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