Bushfire ash kills thousands of fishes in Australia

Leonardo DiCaprio, in his recent post, has discussed The native Australian fishes being the victims of the bushfires in Australia. It is true that the Australian fire has caused a lot of problems for everybody in the land and we are all aware of the many numbers of animals caught in the Fire that humans were unable to rescue. In that order, Australian fishes are the recent victims. Since the last month, thousands of fishes have fallen prey to the bushfires and the experts say that it is likely to have an impact for decades.

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From The @Guardian: Native Australian fish are the most recent victims of the country’s bushfires. Since last month, hundreds of thousands of fish have suffocated as ash and sludge from the bushfires have fallen into the Macleay River, New South Wales. Freshwater ecologist Prof Lee Baumgartner said it is likely to have an impact for decades, with Australian bass, freshwater mullet and eel-tailed catfish hit hardest.

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