Delete Snaptube now or else you might get charged for unwanted services

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Every now and then Google Play Store keeps on removing and warning about malacious or fraudent apps. Now, a warning has come from U.K security firm Upstream, that an Android app which happens to have more than 40 million users, is engaging in suspicious activity. And, all this is going on without the knowledge of the device owner.

The app is none other than Snaptube which allows you to download YouTube videos and watch offline. Upstream used a secure D platform to detect and block any fraudent activities online. And, over the past six months has blocked 70 million fraudulent activities that originated from Snaptube. According to Upstream, these suspicious activities are not red-flagged and 4.4 million consumers would have been charged a whopping $90 million dollars for premium digital services they never requested for.

Upstream CEO Guy Krief said the video App’s screen literally acts as a shield for suspicious activity to run in the background. He also said such fraudent activities are being blocked daily and would advise the Snaptube users to monitor their charges and subscriptions they have not ordered.

Though Snaptube has responded claiming they themselves are victims. They said they didn’t realize Mango SDK (Vidmate also uses the same developer) was involved in fraud advertising activities. They said after receiving complaints from their consumers they instantly took action and terminated all cooperations with Mango SDK. The APK on our official website is clear (including the websites that maintain distribution channels) from this issue. They also added on taking Mango SDK to court for spoiling their reputation.

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