Exercising During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy – What To Know

pregnancy workouts third trimester


Being pregnant is a very good feeling for women nowadays and trying to have a very good one will be in the mind of all women at some point in time. Thus they will be trying ways to improve their lifestyle and deliver a healthy baby. One way will be to exercise at places where the joints tighten and where one can gain balance so that they are able to withstand the pressures they may face at some point in time. all of this ensures a safe and efficient functioning of the body and here is a comprehensive guide as to what one needs to do for exercise matters during their pregnancy workouts third trimester.

pregnancy workouts third trimester

What is the third trimester?

The third trimester consists of the last 3 months which lead to the baby growing fully and is almost ready to come out of the mother’s womb. This period is considered the most important in any pregnancy as this is where one will gain a lot of weight and that puts a lot of pressure on the back, joints, and pressure places will loosen and the baby will start kicking at times. This period though is nothing to worry about as it is considered normal and one just needs to consult with a doctor for any serious issues encountered as they will help in any case.

Exercise to be done during the third trimester

Having a little exercise done as pregnancy workouts third trimester will be a little helpful and essential in boosting what is already a healthy baby. Here are some of the ways in which one can exercise in a simple manner and in the end be very happy.

  • Walking and jogging

Walking and jogging are considered two of the easiest exercises one can do as it requires very little effort by one as they need to wear shoes and step outside the world to experience fresh air and can start a routine where they can measure themselves up to how much distance they have covered. Here one knows what their limits are and if they have reached them then they can immediately stop as it helps the pregnant body in a way or another.

  • Swimming and aqua aerobics

Swimming is another popular activity one can take during their third trimester as it helps in reducing aches and pains in women, helps prevent overheating of bodies, and even in certain conditions produce sweat and can even hydrate the body. Thus it makes them feel more comfortable in various conditions every day.

pregnancy workouts third trimester

  • Yoga, Pilates and much more

There is various pregnancy workout at home that have a low impact measure on the body such as yoga, Pilates, Barre which help target certain muscle groups in the body and help one feel fit and strong when they are getting ready for birth. Also, these classes are customizable meaning that one is able to attend these classes based on their routine. It also helps in easing certain symptoms such as anxiety and depression which are encountered usually during the end of the pregnancy period and thus taking these classes helps in improving the mood. Yoga is an activity that even helps after pregnancy as the weight can be lost through this method as well so it is sometimes recommended that one does yoga even after they have delivered the baby to have a flow and be healthy.

  • Toning the body or using one’s own body weight

Doing heavyweights in stressful exercises during this period can affect or impact the body in a very big way so one should try to ease themselves by focusing themselves on toning certain areas of the body such as glutes or even the hips and thighs where almost 90% of the balance is required after the baby is born. After doing a lot of research one can also check out some exercises such as the most basic bicep curls, lateral raises or even triceps work to help enhance the strength which needs to be built early. Make sure you focus on pregnancy workouts for legs.

  • Eat healthily

Last but not the least one needs to eat healthy to supplement the exercise that they are doing to enhance the body so that it helps the person gain that much amount of energy which is required for the pregnancy. Also eating healthy food helps the baby grow better in certain areas such as the immune system and it will fight any disease or microbe which looks to infect the body much better.

pregnancy workouts third trimester

Why Perform pregnancy workouts third trimester?

Exercises (light or heavy) is a must for a pregnant woman. This is required for the woman to enjoy possible health benefits that include cardiovascular fitness and weight control. Moreover, the baby grabs most of mom’s energy during birth. So, it is vital for the mom to be tough enough to give energy and still save herself through the pressure and pain. Usually, exercises with moderate intensity are recommended during the third trimester. However, there are women who go for vigorous activities and that is possible only with the permission of the doctor. You do not have to focus on pregnancy workouts at gym.

During pregnancy, the joints become loose hence balance becomes a tough thing to sort out. Exercises keep the connections between the bones stable thereby preventing injury.


The pregnancy workout second trimester and pregnancy workouts for first trimester are usually not the same as for the third trimester. To conclude, though the third and final trimester of pregnancy can be considered as the most exciting time of pregnancy where one may encounter various stages leading up to D-Day. With walking, yoga, Pilates, and even basic muscle exercise one would have stressed upon the most basic muscle contact points in the body and will have gained the strength required to have a good pregnancy. Even though there may be a little fear one can always check with experts for their opinion as they will have the best advice for them and can even prepare a well laid out plan to efficiently have a good life for the baby. Also, the guide given will help one understand what needs to be followed, and then they can feel easy and happy.


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