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Happy Palindrome Date to All!

The first Sunday of February, so what, unless it’s your birthday or anniversary. But, today’s date is unique for everyone as the date has come after 900 years. Yes, today is a palindrome date, which means read the date forward or backwards, irrespective of the day, month, year order, it reads the same. 

This anomaly occurs once in every given or taken decade. The last palindromic date was 11/11/1111 about 909 years from now and the next will be 12/12/2121 that’s 101 years from now. 

Oh! This is not the only freaking numeric coincidence we get to live in, it’s also the 33rd day of 2020 and as 2020 is a leap year, we have 333 days left in 2020 till New Year.

Sipra Chander (Hwwviral Staff)

Written by Sipra Chander (Hwwviral Staff)

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