How many calories should I eat a day by age

Find Out Bad Calories – Improve Your Weight Gradually

how many calories should i eat a day by age

You can measure the intake of heat and energy in your body using the calories. The calorie measurement system for managing weight is very simple, if you burn more calories than you consume then you will lose weight and if you consume more calories then you burn, then you gain weight. So the question is how many calories should I eat a day by age or how many calories should I eat to gain weight. This depends on the type of calories that you are consuming. There are two types of calories that are bad and good, bad calories are in fast food and good calories are in vegetables and fruits.

Basics of Gaining Weight

To gain weight, you have to fight the bad calories and intake more good calories. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories compared to your intake of calories. There are recommended calories intake to lose weight and it depends upon different factors. Age is also an important factor for weight management and this is why it is essential to know how many calories should I eat a day by age. Both, the calories to gain weight fast and the calorie intake to lose weight differs from each other as the intake of both the calories has a different purpose and different outcomes.

Recommended Calories

  1. The recommended calorie intake to lose weight will help you to consume the right amount of calories that your body needs. The calorie intake to lose weight will provide you many health benefits along with weight loss. There are healthy ways which you can follow to manage your weight. Consume good calories to gain weight fast.
  2. Fat is not necessarily bad for people who want to gain weight. It is a way in which the body uses food to function well, heal when required, and grow. You can use the calculator of body mass index to determine if you are underweight and if you are then you should focus on the calories to gain weight fast.
  3. To gain weight in a healthy way, you should follow certain tips. These tips are to add healthy calories, eat mini-meals, bulk up, and eat more nutrients. You can also add healthy side dishes to your diet to consume good calories to gain weight fast. A large amount of food can be difficult to consume, you can eat small meals throughout the day to increase your intake of calories to gain weight fast. You can add yoga or weightlifting to your daily schedule to build muscle. You can consume food that is rich in nutrients to increase the calories to gain weight fast.

Increase In Calories

  • You can increase calories to gain weight fast from adding cheese, nut, almonds, and fruit.

You can consider eating high protein meats to build muscle and take more calories to gain weight fast.You can also enjoy healthy snacks that contain a lot of protein to intake calories to gain weight fast.You can add strength training to your routine, eat protein bars, and drink protein drinks to increase calories to gain weight fast.

  1. There are many causes of underweight and the causes must be considered to gain weight. Genetics can be the reason you are underweight, if this is the reason then you are born with metabolism which is higher than usual. The other causes of underweight are is psychological issues, medicines, and high physical activity.
  2. For people who are overweight, they should follow the recommended calorie intake to lose weight. You can measure the calorie intake to lose weight by considering your age, gender, and your level of physical activity. So, how many calories eat to lose weight, how many calories should I eat to gain weight, and how many calories should I eat a day by age differs for each individual. You should also consider the metabolism of your body when measuring the calorie intake and prepare the diet plan.
  3. The diet that works for one body may not work for the other even though it is of the same, age, gender and physical activity level. This difference is due to the difference in the rate of metabolism of a body. You should consider all the factors to fight bad calories in order to gain weight.

Chocolates and Calories

Due to the presence of several flavonols in the chocolates, the final product most of the time is found to reduce the level of sugar in the blood and also helps in decreasing the fat content of the body which was confirmed after research which was carried out by an American Journal. The research proved that the flavanols which are the nutrients in the plants are found in the dark chocolate in quantity more than the milk chocolate which makes it more recommendable to the people who follow a strict weight loss diet. Though, too much dark chocolate can lead to an increase in the weight of the person.

The chocolates also contain a decent amount of fiber in it which helps a person on a weight loss diet to keep a check on the appetite and also increases the feeling of satiety. Choosing dark chocolate over the other candies or the sugary products which are nutritionally empty most of the time for the snacks in the afternoon helps a person that delays the hungry feeling generated during the period which would help a person to feel more effective.

Research On Dark Chocolate

It is also found in the researches carried out by many journals that having small amounts of dark chocolate every day can help a person relax better. It is already proven by many scientists that increase in the stress levels in the human body triggers the increase in weight as it causes one’s cortisol level to rise which eventually helps in increasing the appetite of a person and thus encouraging him to eat more which is mostly based on the emotions of the person which leads to overeating. Having dark chocolates regularly increases the amount of endorphin and serotine levels in the brain which also helps in the elevation of the feelings stress. This is also the recommended calories need per day.


There are millions of people in the world who struggle in their daily lives to keep their weights under control. It is also said that eating chocolate and fast-food helps a person in losing weight. Many pieces of research have been carried out about the effect of chocolates on a human body and its nature of reducing a person’s weight. Though the dark chocolate intake must be moderate and less often. The processing of the chocolates should be minimum to offer the benefits and provide the required nutrients to the body. There are factors that must be kept in mind with the control in appetite and cravings.

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