How many calories should I eat to gain weight?

Tips on gaining weight the healthy way

how many calories should I eat to gain weight

Some people might be in the quest to know how many calories eat to lose weight while others would be worried about how many calories should I eat to gain weight. It all depends on what the person wants and is nothing to be laughed upon. As there is a recommended calorie intake to lose weight, there is also recommended calorie intake to gain weight.

The simple rule to gain weight is that you need to eat more calories than you burn. But this does not necessarily mean that you need to stop exercising, but you simply need to each double the calories you burn.

Underweight is a condition in which your body mass index is less than 18.5. So, height, as well as the weight, has to be considered to determine whether a person is underweight or not.

Thus, people may be skinny but not underweight, and in some cases, people might appear healthy, but in fact, would be underweight.

How to gain weight in a healthy way

Drinking liters of carbonated drinks and munching on donuts may help you to gain some weight, but this is not the healthiest way and thus can adversely affect your body and its functions.

The fact that high calorie intake higher the weight you gain, but junk food cannot be considered as a healthy option. You need to take calories to gain weight fast and therefore, following a strict and healthy diet would help.

how many calories should i eat to gain weight

Consulting a dietician is very important and an unavoidable step. The dietician would initially check your BMI and then check your vitals and inspect the function of your body systems. If everything is all right, then the dietician would suggest a diet that would suit you. Make sure that the calorie intake varies with person and a diet cannot be followed by all.

How many calories should I eat a day by age?

Are you confused about how many calories should I eat to gain weight? Increase the calorie intake by 300-500 calories at first. Suppose, if your body burns 500 calories a day, increase the intake to 800 calories. Slowly increase the calorie intake. Make sure you do not overfill your stomach with too many varieties of food. This can lead to indigestion and many other serious medical conditions.

You need to also take into consideration your age before starting a diet. The diet and the calorie intake should match the age and the calorie requirements for the age.

Protein – The Key Factor

Protein is the key. Munch on food items that provide you protein. Meat and meat products usually have a high content of protein fibers. You can also increase the daily intake of eggs. The egg is known to be a rich source of protein, especially the egg white. If you are vegan, then you can get the necessary protein from nuts and legumes. Protein supplements are also a great way to incorporate protein into your diet. Whey protein should be consumed only after the green signal from your dietician. You can convert the whey protein into whey protein shakes and consume on the go.

Increase the number of times you consume food. If you have the aim to gain weight, eat at least 3 times a day and if possible, increase the frequency. Do not avoid carbs and fats if you have the motive to increase the calorie intake. Increase the amount of energy-dense snacks you take. If possible, have protein and fitness bars frequently.

Home-made Meals

The food you prepare at home makes you feel full very easily and therefore increasing the calorie intake would be a tedious task. Thus, it would be better if you include more spices and sauces. When the food tastes better and tastier, you tend to eat more and therefore, the calorie intake increases. For snacks, munch on energy density foods such as nuts and dry fruits. If you are a non-vegetarian, increase the amount of meat intake and incorporate the animal fats as much as you can. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can munch on potato-based dishes.

Go on for cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas instead of espressos. The cream topping can add on some calories to your daily intake.

Munching the dark chocolate in a moderate amount helps one to prevent the cellular damage which mostly caused by the inflammation in the body. The presence of the flavanols in the dark chocolate makes them act like anti-inflammatory content which prevents them to control the inflammation which is linked directly to heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

One of the best weight loss solutions is to make a plan with regard to your diet. There are five food groups which if taken in the right amount will provide you with the calories necessary to work every day and not affect your weight. If you are a fast-food fanatic, then the best fast food for diets can be baked goods rather than fried and if you go for the frying route, try using olive oil.


Sometimes the usual means of diet and exercise are not enough and external professional help is required. This help can come in the form of medication or surgery. Medication helps the patient to curb their appetite and provide the minerals necessary for sustenance. The surgery involves cutting the patient’s stomach smaller which means that the patient will feel full after only having one-fourth of the meal. As already stated, the output is just as necessary as input. Exercising on a daily basis will help you stay fit and also keep you in a healthy mindset. It is necessary to have a plan and not overdo it.

At the same time, you must also give yourself adequate sleep and rest. Obesity is a disease that has inflicted pain and discomfort to many people in the world, but they should find comfort in the fact that there are many ways in which people can control and completely leave the obesity problem behind them. This is also the recommended calorie intake to gain weight.


Consistency is the key to gain weight. If you practice a weight gain diet for a week and then give up on, you might not see any difference. Instead, stick onto a diet and also follow a proper exercise regime. Your body needs some kind of exercise to take care of the extra calorie intake. Increasing the calorie step by step is recommended. If you suddenly increase the calorie intake, your body-mind finds it very difficult to adapt to the condition. You might have to take the diet for about six to seven months to see some visible results, but one shouldn’t give up and continue the diet even after they have started seeing the results.

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