How Much Do You Know about Pregnancy Workouts At Gym?



Pregnancy is considered as a very delicate phase, as the body goes through a lot of physical and mental transformation. During this period, there is a lot of discomforts that one goes through from putting up extra weight, constipation to having sleepless nights. But this difficult experience can be made a little comfortable by doing regular pregnancy workouts at gym. Exercise is prescribed to pregnant women by doctors as well. This habit helps the mother and child together. Exercising helps in rejuvenating one’s mood and helps in fast post-recovery. Also, in the newly born, it makes the brain of the baby strong, a lower BMI score, and an active body mechanism.

The intensity of workout should be rather limited during this period as it will help the body be safe from injuries as well as be fit. If a person has been working out before their pregnancy, probably they should avoid exercising at the same intensity. Also, getting the advice of their doctor is preferred.

Pregnancy Workouts At Gym

But, the workouts do differ for each trimester.

At Home

Pregnancy workout can be carried out at home as well. It is not completely mandatory to hit the gm while you are in your trimesters. For pregnancy workout at home, one can simply try to jog and run for a few minutes around the block, meditate for a short period. Meditation amps up the mental feeling of the individual and boosts the energy relieving from any kind of stress. Rhythmic aerobic in low tempo is effective. Playing tennis, badminton or any such game in the evenings is also a good part of the exercise. Doing squats up to 10 counts is also a great way to exercise at home, but the tempo of the exercise should be kept low. A little bit of exercise will not cost anything to a pregnant woman. By practicing the exercise daily for at least 1 hour during pregnancy will give her the stamina to deal with daily life works. It has also been proved that the women who do exercise during pregnancy are fitter than the other women and has enough stamina for labor and delivery.

Pregnancy Workouts At Gym

Pregnancy workouts at gym

Weight training and cardio workouts need not be completely avoided during these months. They can be performed with low intensity under the supervision of a trainer or their gynecologist. Weight training is often undertaken to reduce the discomfort due to the condition. Doing 1 to 2 sets of each exercise is found to be sufficient.

  1. Doing the seated cable row helps the upper and middle back. As the chest gets bigger in women, doing this exercise helps in countering the slump in this period.
  2. The seated chest press helps in creating a muscle balance in the body. This is highly disrupted in this period due to the upper body gaining a lot of extra weight.
  3. Working out with the biceps and triceps would strengthen the weak arms. This would help in holding the baby and it’s essentials further. Doing dumbbells at regular intervals would enhance arm strength.Pregnancy Workouts At Gym
  4. The legs are the most vulnerable as they have to bear the weight of the growing belly. Pregnancy workout for legs is the most important and they are given the most time in many workout regimes. As for pregnancy workouts for legs, doing seated leg curl or leg extension would help in making the legs stronger and capable of bearing the weight.
  5. Back pains are common during this time. Strengthening of the abs would help us bare with this. This could be achieved by doing planks but on the knees. Do not perform it without a trainer.

What More To Do?

The mother should take prenatal supplements like vitamins and minerals. One of the vitamin i.e. vitamin B folic acid is essential in a women’s diet when she is pregnant, as folic acids are too good for the fast development of brain cells. Breakfast like cereals, oats, pulses like lentils and green leafy vegetables like spinach are also power-packed with vitamins and minerals and also contains folic acid. So, one should also consider these diets in their food for the proper development of brain cells. A kid is a gift from nature to both the parents, and they should try not to hinder with nature’s miracle. Both parents should try to keep themselves away from toxic and bad habits as far as possible. Fathers should not smoke, drink, or take any toxic supplement, and mothers should not take any stress inside and outside the house.

Pregnancy workouts for first trimester can be almost similar to what they were doing earlier but with a little more safety. Getting into yoga or Pilates during this time would help in keeping up with the habit of this for the rest of the time. If there is slag in your body, try to reduce the time rather than skipping the exercise completely.

Pregnancy workout second trimester the cardio workouts should be reduced by some amount as our heart will be working at a faster rate, with the reduced time limits also you will be spending the same amount of energy as before.

Pregnancy workouts third trimester is the most difficult and cautious period. The body is extremely vulnerable at this point. Swimming is a great workout session and doing free weight exercises is advisable. Jogging at times might be tricky, try to walk.


It should always be remembered that the body is not the same as it was in the pre-pregnancy period. Thus, people should be easy with the body and the intensity of the amount of exercise should be kept way less than it was before. Along with that one’s medical conditions should be taken into account and everything should be consulted with their doctor before getting into any sort of training. Before you proceed with any sort of pregnancy workouts at gym, make sure you consult with not only the physician but also the gym instructor to understand what kind of workouts suit you and promise the help of the baby.



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