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Igloo Festival attracts hundreds in Siberian Reservoir

More than hundreds of people attended the igloo festival hosted at the Novosibirsk Reservoir in Russia. The festival featured more than 100 igloos. The festival well into its 10th year, attracted more than 550 people. They all came to build igloos and take part in the best-looking igloo competition. 

Dimitri Patsay, the competition organiser explained the need of an igloo. She said if ever you require to stay overnight at a place, where the snow is very tight and wood is scarce, and neither you can dig a cave, in these moments building an igloo will give you a safe and warm place to spend the night. The teams were given two-and-a-half hours for building their igloo.  According to the organisers, if built well, it should withstand a polar bear’s weight. 

The igloos were judged under 14 different categories which includes the biggest, most beautiful and of course, the most correctly built. Tatyana Goretskaya, member of the winning team for consecutive second year in-a-row, said in the first year they had some flaws, but in the second and third year they went by without any flaws, and not a single crack. 

The festival also gives the guests some time to share company with huskies and reindeer and get to spend some quality time at the master classes on how to build an igloo.

Sipra Chander (Hwwviral Staff)

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