Is weight gain in college football players leading to heart problems

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Is weight gain in college football players leading to heart problems

According to a new study done by Emory University, weight gain and high blood pressure is common in football players and also the main reason behind changes in the cardiac structure and functional system. Which, points out towards need of monitoring the players at early stages for the young players to remain healthy and strong.

The study was published in JAMA Cardiology. The study found weight gain the cause behind increased systolic blood pressure that was associated with arterial stiffening. It also causes the development of concentric left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) – a thickening of the wall in the left pump chamber of the heart that leads to strokes and heart attacks.

Though LVH is usually reported in players who have retired, but these studies show young players are also suffering from it. Even though football is a relatively active game, still the players do gain some weight over time. And, this makes way for early cardiovascular risks.

Though they cleared, this study has no intention to discourage the players from participating in the sport. Yes, they do warn the players to monitor their weight and follow preventive measures to stay healthy. They also added increasing your aerobic exercise’s is a good start as it shows positive impact on cardiovascular system.

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