Leftover McDonalds recooked and sold by this family to survive


This video is about how leftover Mcdonalds food is recooked and sold for an entire family to survive. This team cooks and sells whatever is locally known as the Pagpag that is made from the bits of meat they found in the trash. They wash and clean the chicken and recook it with their own style.

They sell the food to hungry families for 30p for every bag. They earn around 3 Euro every day and they as well face the daily struggle of Survival and putting their children through education. 

They live in a one-room Shack with no shower and bed. Marjorie is all about providing her children with proper education even in her absence and that they will learn more enough to leave Happyland behind.

Poverty leads people to do things they might have never thought of. Watch this video to feel their struggle. 

Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

Written by Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

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