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NASA creates history with first-ever all female-team spacewalk

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On Friday history was written by NASA as they initiated the first-ever female-team for a spacewalk.

US astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch’s mission was to replace a power controller outside the International Space Station. The mission officially began at GMT 1138.

Till date men have floated on all 420 spacewalk that have been conducted in the past half-century. But, spacewalk 421 created “HERstory” as NASA is referring to the event, as the NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch became the first-ever female team to do so. 

The four men aboard the station remained inside while the girls went out and replaced a battery charger that was broken.

Meir, a marine biologist by profession arrived at the orbiting lab last month, is the 15th female space walker. Koch, who’s an electrical engineer, is into her seventh month from her 11-month spaceflight making her the first woman to remain the longest in space.

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