Pregnancy Workouts In The first Trimester You Should Not Miss



Pregnancy is a stage where a child grows in a mother’s womb. To keep this safe one should take care of this time. Health is the main thing in which a mother should take care of it. It is better to have some physical activity during this period. According to the researches performed in America, workouts or exercises improve the health of mother and baby. There are few pregnancy workouts for first trimester that are helpful for a pregnant woman to perform in the gym, home, or anywhere based on your comfort. But before going to do all these workouts it is better to consult a doctor.

pregnancy workouts for first trimester

Why Perform These?

In the early stages of pregnancy, mood swings are the most common thing experienced by every mom-to-be as this is the most common symptom through which a woman can expect her pregnancy. Mood swings are the emotional changes that are experienced by the pregnant lady which are hard to explain. The main cause of mood swings is the hormonal changes occur in the women’s body during pregnancy. Mood swings like getting irritated very easily, lack of patience, nervousness, aggression, taking unnecessary stress, etc. these mood swings should be handled very calmly because negative response these changes can affect the pregnant women in a negative way.

Pregnancy Workout for First Trimester in the gym, home and other

Pregnancy workout at home and the gym

Working out at home can help a woman to perform comfortably at home. Stretching of ligaments and tendons is one of the changes in pregnancy, which is due to the growth of the baby and also helps the baby to come out at the time of delivery. Lower abdomen experience a lot of pain because of this stretching. A few workouts should be followed in the set of pregnancy workouts for first trimester with a lot of care as it is an important stage for pregnancy.

pregnancy workouts for first trimester

1.Dumbbell workout

It is one of the best workouts to do at home. The dumbbells which weigh 5-10 lbs will help for the total body. The total time dedicated to this is 10 minutes. Start this with a 5 minute warm-up to improve heart rate up. Work out the whole exercise within 30 minutes of time. Close down the work out with 5 minute cool exercise and stretches.

2.Dancer’s Triceps

Stand up and spread out your legs, it is wider than hip-width. The left foot should be away from the body and the right one forward. Holding two dumbbells each one in two hands and bend your arms, dumbbells near shoulders. Slowly bent knee for a distance as much as you can. While doing extend the right arm. Do it to the ground and away from the body with engaging triceps. And return to your start. It finishes one rep. It is performed 20 reps on each side and continues on the other side.


Hold a dumbbell near to your chest and elbow pointing the ground. Then stand with hip-width stretch. Bend the knees and push the hip back for a lower squat. Lower the dumbbell simultaneously to the floor. Push back to start again. It completes one rep. Perform it 10-15 times to move for the other work out.

There are few exercises that are done with pregnancy workouts for legs for flexible like squats as it helps a pregnant woman to be healthy and active. But avoiding jumping exercises is better during pregnancy as it leads to miscarriage. These pregnancy workouts at gym will be helpful if you are doing at home.

pregnancy workouts for first trimester

Basic Exercises

Basic exercises are nothing but the exercises which are done by everyone. It benefits the baby and the mother.


Walking is a low impact gentle form of exercise. Walking on an even surface daily is ideal for them. It gives relaxation and promotes well being. Taking a walk of 30 minutes for three times to five times a week shows good results. People who usually run should transmit to walking or jogging during the first trimester. If anyone goes for a long walk they should wear correctly fitted and supportive footwear. Stretching is required when they feel muscles are activated so that they can feel warm.


Swimming is also a low impact exercise which is an aerobic type. It improves blood flow and oxygen rates in the body. It also develops muscles and is flexible without any risk. Performing it for 30 minutes in a week three times will benefit.


Doing yoga can help to stretch the body and calms your mind. It strengthens the pregnant woman. Mindful skills are developed in this process to control breathing and to do meditation. Also avoiding a few yoga exercises like abdominal twists at this time is better and safe.


Kegels are the most basic exercise for a pregnant woman. It is also known as pelvic floor exercises. This exercise helps to strengthen muscles to support abdominal organs, vagina, uterus, bladders, and bowels. It reduces the risk of hemorrhoids.

Dealing with Changes

Every mom-to-be has a different way of dealing with these mood swings, some take it positively and try to calm them. While, others get extremely negative during this phase and feels extreme nervousness, anger, and depression. Spouses play an important role to help their partner while dealing with this thing. If their spouse is positive and does not react with negative behavior. On the other hand, if the spouse is negative with their partners, then it will affect the emotions of their partner in a negative way.


During the first trimester, one should take more care than the second trimester and third trimester. You should focus on pregnancy workout second trimester and pregnancy workouts third trimester accordingly. It is the time when a woman should be safe as miscarriage can happen between 0-6 weeks of time. The second trimester starts after that and the third trimester is the last stage and a few workouts in that stage can make much difference. You just have to consult your physician before you move on to some rigorous exercises because the exercises you choose should help both you and your child.


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