‘Shocking’ one in five deaths due to sepsis


A recent alarming statistic found out that one out of 5 death happens due to blood poisoning which is medically termed as Sepsis. It is also the hidden killer considering how hard it is for the doctors to detect. It happens in the immune system and might cause organ failure.

“I’ve worked in rural Uganda, and sepsis is what we saw every single day,” said researcher, assistant professor Kristina Rudd.

“My colleagues treating patients on the ground in low- and middle-income countries every day have been saying this for years, that sepsis is a major problem.

“So in a way, I wasn’t actually that surprised – on the other hand, I didn’t expect it to be double the previous estimate.”


Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

Written by Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

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