The Amazing Naked festival of Japan – Pictures inside

In the annual naked festival conducted in Japan “Hadaka Matsuri” is one of these celebrated forms in the temple Saidaiji Kannonin in Japan. In the recent event, many people for combating the chilly weather just take part in the annual naked festival and most of them turned out to have bruises on their skin. Some people were also seen Sporting minimal clothing while most of them were wearing a traditional loincloth and a pair of socks. “We hope they will be able to keep the tradition alive in the future,” CNN quoted, a spokeswoman from the Okayama tourism board, Mieko Itano.

According to reports, apart from the participants, visitors from different parts of the world also attend the event. At the end of the event men often emerge out with bruises and injuries due to the struggle to find the lucky sticks. The participants then tussle to find two lucky sticks that the priest of the temple throws along with 100 other bundles of twigs.

Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

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