"The moment of crisis has come"- Sir David Attenborough

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Sir David Attenborough who is a famous naturalist and broadcaster warns, “The moment of crisis has come” in efforts to tackle climate change. We have been putting things off for year after year”.

In an interview with BBC, he mentioned that the climate scientists are in a need of a rapid response from the world to act upon the situations but the pace of the international negotiations is slow. The earth’s climate has been changing throughout history over thousands and millions of years. As per studies, There have been cycles and retreats of glaciers losing ice mass every year leading to melting and sublimation, marking the beginning of a new climate era and of human civilization.

The current warming trend of the world is the result of tragic inhuman activities leading to disastrous situations like in Australia. Burning of forests, extinction of animals has begun. We are leading ourselves towards doom.

The earth’s normal temperature has risen about to 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.9 degrees Celsius) since the last 19th century leading to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Here’s a video of Sir David Talking about how humans can take charge of our future and save our planet. You need to watch this video!

We need to listen to this wise man and we all need to invest and work towards the future of our world.

What we do in the next few years, will determine the next few thousand years.’ – Sir David Attenborough

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