The Pregnancy Workouts To Focus On The Second Trimester

pregnancy workouts for first trimester


The pregnancy workout second trimester should be effective and safe. Before performing it is better to consult the doctor and having approval for working out such exercises. These workouts are done at least thrice a week for maintaining fitness and tone to the body. Using 2 kg weights for workouts is enough or else it causes to feel tired. To perform any movements a warm is compulsorily necessary as it increases heart rate slowly and enables us to work out more without any problems. Here is a detailed overview of what should be expected during the second trimester and how to do pregnancy workout second trimester.

pregnancy workout second trimester

What Should You Expect?

Motherhood is not easy, and the challenge starts even before the baby is born. Assuredly, pregnancy demands a lot more to deal. Throughout pregnancy, the cramps and swelling are most prevalent. It is not easy to carry a baby; it demands a lot of attention to be given to your body. But let’s try to make things a bit easier. There are numerous ways to deal with those unbearable cramps and swelling. Usually occurring at night, cramps are sudden pain in your feet or calf muscles. The expansion of the muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus can induce cramps. A plausible explanation for the cramps is the additional weight that the mother carries. How to deal with it? It need not be mentioned that regular gentle exercise and consuming healthy food is vital. If swelling is more than the one previously experienced or it is unusual, consult a doctor.

The pregnancy phase is challenging, but in the end, the pain is worth it. This time demands the best care for you and your baby. Surely, by following the above steps, your pain will ease to some extent. It is prudent to confirm with your doctor once before following them blindly as each pregnancy demands different care. One way is to do a few foot exercises such as rotating your foot in both the ways. While exercising, focus on leg and ankle moves, and wriggle your toes often.

pregnancy workout second trimester

Workouts for the Second trimester in the gym, home, and other areas

Pregnancy workout at home

1.Forward Pull-ups

Stand up and bent your knees slightly keeping left leg forward. Rest your hand on the left leg by lowering your upper part for good support. Hold a dumbbell in the right hand. Now straight down the arm and liftback to the same position, Keeping elbows close. Elbow should point towards the ceiling. Repeating this work out 20 times for each side.

2.Forward Lunges

Standing with hands placed on the hips. Keep the right leg forward placing the left leg in the same position. Slightly bend the left leg to attain the right angle position for the right leg. Do it alternate for 30 repetitions. In the pregnancy workouts third trimester holding a chair for support is a necessary and safe way. Back should be straight, the stomach should be pulled in, and shoulders relaxed.

3.Upright row

Sit on a chair that is upright or stands with slightly bent legs. Hold the dumbbells with arms down that should be in front of the body. Lift the weights to the height of the chest slowly while exhaling. The height is up to down of the chin. After that lower down to its original position while inhaling. Repeat the whole for 20 times.

With these workouts, Squats are also performed in the second trimester if it is comfortable in the first trimester. Workouts like shoulder press, Pectoral lift helps to relax more and keeps you healthy.

Pregnancy workouts at gym

1.Cardiovascular training

This training improves the capacity of women’s lungs, heart, and overall for well being. It also controls the weight of pregnant women in this period. Doing 150 minutes of aerobic workout in a week is very healthy for the woman. They can use a treadmill, bicycles, and elliptical trainers to maintain 140 rates of a heartbeat per minute to prevent overheating in the body.

2.Pump it up

Using weight training in the gym a pregnant woman can maintain muscle tone by doing pumping it up. For muscle strength, they should perform thrice a week and 10-12 repetitions. It helps the person to loosen the body joints, muscles, and ligaments for the preparation of childbirth. Lifting more than 15 pounds is highly discouraged during pregnancy.

While performing work out listen to the body and do a comfortable one which helps to relax and activates the body. Second-trimester workouts are more useful than the pregnancy workouts for first trimester.

Performing pregnancy workouts for legs like Kegels, Pilates done in the gym are also helpful in this time for the mother. Care should be taken while performing such exercises as balancing the body without any back pain. Avoid such workouts if you can’t do it. After 20 weeks in the second trimester lying on the back should also be avoided strictly, it may cause abdominal injury.

pregnancy workout second trimester

Other Exercises

Following basic exercises like walking, running, jogging, swimming, and aerobics will help to strengthen muscles. Walking can reduce the stress level and level up the heart rate which activates the body. It is better to walk on an even surface. Jogging is also useful for pregnant at this time. If a woman is comfortable with running in their first trimester then it is good to continue in their second trimester. Swimming and other water aerobics will improve muscle toning in the body and relaxes the body. Yoga is also a good one to do even in the third trimester work out as it gives to peace and stretches gives you good strength.


For pregnant the whole time which includes the first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester is very important to develop a new child in them. Workouts will increase the healthiness and fitness of the mother and activates the baby if it is safe and confirmed by a doctor. Make sure your workouts are customized like pregnancy workout second trimester.



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