This Is Why Green Smoothies For Weight Loss Recipes Is So Famous!


It is very important that you tend to have a good healthy diet for your daily routines. When you have a hectic schedule and don’t really get enough time to get a proper diet then it is a thing of big concern. So for this purpose, it is important that you should know some weight gain smoothie recipes if your aim is to gain weight and muscles. Also, there are varieties of best smoothie recipes for weight loss as well. There are a variety of smoothies in the market that really has some beneficial ingredients. The following part of the article would talk about green smoothies for weight loss recipes, avocado smoothie recipes for weight loss, a banana smoothie recipe. Also, there are many normal and easy healthy smoothie recipes that can be consumed by anyone irrespective of their body goals. Let’s explore some best smoothie recipes for weight loss.

green smoothies for weight loss recipes

Best smoothie recipes for weight loss: – it is very important that you keep a clear understanding of the number of macros of each and every ingredient that you use for making weight loss recipes. For fat loss, it is really important that you cut down on your carbs intake and try to add more protein-rich diet. The best smoothie recipes for weight loss is 1 banana, 20 grams oats, 1 scoop whey protein, 5-10 almonds, peanut butter, and cinnamon seeds. All you need to do is grind all of these ingredients and then add around 100 ml of milk into it. It is rich in protein and would make you full throughout the day. You will feel fresh and it won’t give you unnecessary fat that would later make you obese. This is one of the best smoothie recipes for weight loss and would surely make your skin glow even more.

Best Recipes

  • There are some best smoothie recipes for weight loss that would surely make you fell in love with smoothies and in parallel would help in weight reduction. One such type of weight loss smoothie is a green smoothies for weight loss recipes.
  • Most of us run away when we hear the word green but these green smoothies for weight loss recipes would make you realize the importance of green vegetables.
  • The recipe includes spinach, beet greens, carrot tops, collard greens along with these vegetables add some fruits with it. For the sake of taste have a topping of protein powder, chia seeds, bee pollen, cinnamon, and coconut oil.
  • Blend them thoroughly and make a protein-rich smoothie for your loved ones. This is by far the best and healthy smoothie for weight loss. The next best smoothie recipes for weight loss is of avocado smoothie.

Avocado smoothie recipes for weight loss

The preparation of these smoothies is very simple and all you need to have is good quality avocados. Along with avocado add another fruit with it to make it tastier. The recipe includes 1/4 cup of milk and 3/4 cup of yogurt, peeled banana and half avocado, 1 cup of frozen strawberries and some vanilla. Blend them in the mixer and serve this smoothie with vanilla ice-cream. It would surely make your families feel good and healthy. Isn’t it an innovative avocado smoothie recipe for weight loss? It surely is.

Banana Smoothie

Next in the list is nothing but a banana smoothie recipe. The ingredient for this smoothie is 2 bananas, crushed sugar, milk, and cinnamon seeds. These smoothies are especially for those who want to gain weight because it is rich in carbs. It is by far the easy healthy smoothie recipes and does not require much time for preparation.

Next in the list that you need to understand is weight gain smoothie recipe that would help you gain a lot of muscle and make you even stronger. The recipes for this smoothie are 2 cups of coconut milk, 2 bananas, 4 tbsp. of peanut butter, and 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds, 1/4 cup of raisins, 4 cups of spinach and 1 tsp of vanilla. These all need to be mixed in a mixer and you need to blend it until it becomes quite thick. This weight gain smoothie recipe consists of bananas and coconut milk that are rich in calories and carbs. Also, spinach being rich in protein helps in giving you the necessary nutrients.

green smoothies for weight loss recipes

Body Weight Gain Basics

Basically, it is creating more space for the fat to get stored in. That is what makes the body gain weight. And if you weigh more, you tend to eat more and crave more carbs, so this becomes a continuous cycle. But, care should be taken not to avoid all kind of carbohydrates, because this will have you eating all foods high in fat, which leads to a condition called ketosis, which may have future side effects.

Weight loss should never be the primary concern of any human being. You should never feel “Oh my god! I’m so fat! I can’t even look at myself in the mirror” or something like “I’m fat and everyone is laughing at me”.

When you feel this way, you get ready to do almost anything to get into perfect shape and look thin. That’s where you’re letting some companies in on you. They take this mindset as an advantage and market their product saying you can lose ‘x’ number of lbs without dieting, by taking some kind of pills.

Most of these are proven to be misleading. Their only point is to convince you to buy it. That’s how business works. But people wouldn’t believe it. They only believe the false claims of those companies, because that’s the power of convincing. But, there are some dieting methods that actually work and are not false. But they require work and don’t help you lose weight easily and fast. One of these diets is the Mediterranean diet.


So in a nutshell, it is very important to know your body goal and based on that serve yourself with weight gain smoothie recipe or best smoothie recipes for weight loss. Smoothies tend to make you fit and healthy. And if you are always busy in your work then try to consume an easy healthy smoothie recipe for your daily life use. Proper exercise is the key to losing extra fat. Find workouts that make you happy, maybe like- walking with your dog, or doing jumping jacks with some music on. Whatever it is, don’t stress yourself with too much exercise in one single day. Start slow and then, gradually increase. When properly done, losing weight is a piece of cake!

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