Wedding venue refuses to marry a lesbian couple

The wedding venue refuses to marry a lesbian couple in South Africa.

Recently, a lesbian couple from South Africa was denied the privilege of getting married in a church because a wedding venue refused to host their ceremony due to the Christian believes they have. The couple has expressed their opinions in the media after this shocking news.

“‘ After such a wonderful response to our engagement, we received this email this morning from Beloftebos. At first, I cried, but then I was overwhelmed with anger. How, in 2020, is this still a reality? Same-sex marriage has been legal in South Africa since 2006, but yet people still believe that they can justify hate and bigotry and quote a God that I don’t believe would stand for said hate and bigotry.”

“You may not understand the hurt I feel, and how disheartened I am that such prejudices go unchallenged,” Sasha Lee Heekes.

“But Beloftebos’ way of thinking is one of many insidious ripples leftover from beliefs and ideologies that have contributed to mass human injustice,” she said on Facebook.

Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

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