What It Feels Like To Catch The Coronavirus

Finally, people are opening about how the coronavirus outbreak makes them feel like. The city of Wuhan has been completely isolated due to this break and we cannot deny the fact that is being mentally affecting those people as well. From one patient to another, the outbreak is becoming critical while scientists are still finding out the causes and any critical detail about the virus that might help them with the cure. 

A 21-year-old has recently discussed how he felt before the illness got him and how he felt too weak to even finished the dinner. 

“I was scared,” he said. “Countless cases were piling up on the desks, and every single doctor was wearing protective clothes, something I’d never seen before.”

“I suffered from a high fever and pains that tortured every part of my body,” said Ye, who’s a big fan of Japanese culture and has ambitions of becoming a voice actor. He spent days watching Japanese cartoons to distract from the discomfort

“I was coughing like I was going to die,” he said.

He‘s thankful he survived and salutes the doctors and nurses who put their own lives at risk to help him. Some doctors told him they suspected they had the virus, but continued to treat patients.

Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

Written by Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

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