Winsome diamonds fraud case: Jatin Mehta and family moved

The police, regarding the bank fraud involving Winsome diamonds & Jain Mehta, released a statement that the Mehta Family might have fled to Montenegro situated in southeast Europe. The sources report that some companies floated in Podgorica, the capital of Balkan country of Montenegro, have some kind of connection with the Mehta family.

 A police official of the Mehta Bank fraud case quoted, “Post the scam came to light, the Mehta’s were suspected to have fled to St Kitts And Nevis Island around 2013, Information has now come to light that they have managed to procure the citizenship of Montenegro and have managed to float a few companies there. While the Mehta’s have maintained their traditional business of lab-grown diamonds, there is also information to suggest that they have also ventured into real estate and have acquired land parcels where they are building properties for sale”.

“The Gemesis Company was rebranded as IIA Technologies by the Mehtas post the investigation into the affairs of the said firm,” one of the officials said. “Multiple agencies had sought details from Singapore on the said firm. The communications shared by them revealed that Mehta had allegedly transferred more than $500 million in the said firm. Investigations are underway to establish the money trail.”Read more at:

Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

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