Woman Becomes the First Case of a Person Urinating Alcohol

We have the news of a woman having the first known case who is currently urinating alcohol. This Pittsburgh woman becomes the first person to have been diagnosed with this rare syndrome wherein her bladder produces alcohol due to the fermentation of yeast and sugar. This 61-year-old woman has diabetes during tests she completely denied having an alcohol consumption at all but the doctors thought she had an addiction. While the urine test showed positive for alcohol, the blood tests showed no alcohol in her blood. After further investigation, they figured out that the yeast was fermenting sugar in her bladder causing her to release alcohol.

The doctors named the condition “urinary auto-brewery syndrome”. This yeast, identified as Candida glabrata, is normally found in the body and it is related to what breweries use.

Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

Written by Hafsa Gani (Hwwviral Staff)

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